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Title Summary Month Year
Walpole Now 97

Beware: new CPZ charges! WRA joins the London-wide tree planting initiative. The latest news on the Town Hall. The Council plans to create the Ealing Parks Foundation. Progress in the Parks with Green Flags for both Walpole and Lammas Parks, and Pitzhanger Manor progresses. Our plans for a "membership drive".

December 2018
Walpole Now 96

Summer 2018 and every development in the Centre of Ealing is moving slowly; we have updates on the Cinema Site, Town Hall and 10-18 The Broadway. Also the AGM, our Parks and Walpole's new restaurant, Walpole Police Matters and Croquet

August 2018
Walpole Now 95

Updates on local planning - including Grosvenor House, Filmworks and 10-40 The Broadway - news about The Croquet Club in Lammas Park, report from the Music and Film Festival, Spring in Walpole Park, more on Parkour, the latest on Pitzhanger Manor

April 2018
Walpole Now 94

Voting in support of the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Plan, New CPZ, Parkour, Walpole Park achieves GOLD, Open Days at Northfield Allotments, The Ealing Half-Marathon and SNT update

December 2017
Walpole Now 93

In this issue, we report on the AGM, kindly hosted by and held at UWL. The Chair reported on the year's activities, with a particular focus on the increasing number of planning applications reviewed. The Guest Speaker was Paul Nasjarek, CEO of Ealing Council, giving his personal insights into his first 15 months in office.

August 2017
Walpole Now 92

Spring has arrived in Ealing - wonderful cherry blossom - and now new trees are being planted to replace the 92 that have been removed by the Council. Can you think of a "concrete wasteland" location that would benefit from some Mayoral funding? Fundamentally, we continue to respond, often with objections, to Planning Applications (for example 20 out of 51 recent applications).

April 2017
Walpole Now 91

Christmas Rush Edition - the new website is live; The February 2017 Music and Film (Valentine) Festival is on the near horizon: Celebrating Ealing's Cultural Heart again

December 2016
Walpole Now 90

Report on the AGM held at UWL, including update on 9-42 The Broadway and a reflection on the future of amenity associations; update on the July Walpole Ward Forum; the Park Watch update on the bees; a report on the Walpole Blues Festival

August 2016
Walpole Now 89

Update on key planning issues, West Ealing and Crossrail; Police panel meeting and ASB; a report from the Ealing Music and FIlm Festival; Park Watch - Spring and Pitzhanger Manor; a Festive Neighbourhood Watch Event.

April 2016
Walpole Now 88

The Christmas report: AGM - at UWL Pillars Restaurant, a great venue; Planning Applications, especially 9-42 The Broadway and the Cinema Site; a plea for Back Numbers from our Editor; Park Watch; outreach and Civic Society award; the Half Marathon; the Mela and Picturehouse Travelling Cinema.

December 2015