WRA Privacy Policy


On 25th May 2018 new legislation on Data Protection comes into force (The General Data Protection Regulation - “GDPR”).  GDPR replaces previous legislation and contains significant obligations which Walpole Residents' Association (WRA - The Association) must fulfil and numerous rights which Members and Visitors have vis-à-vis the Association.  Many of the Rules are the same as under previous legislation but there are a number of new elements.  GDPR is an EU Directive directly applicable in all Member States without the need for local legislation; the UK has decided that it requires the content of GDPR to apply after the UK leaves the EU and has tabled a Bill in the House of Lords which will achieve this objective. 

We are finalising our Privacy Policy and it will be placed here shortly. Inevitably it will also be updated as new legislation comes into force and is itself refined through precedent.

23rd May 2018