What WRA can do for you

It is all too easy in London to close your eyes to what is happening around us - but everyone who lives or works in Walpole is a stakeholder in the area's future. By joining WRA, you will add your voice to a responsible organisation that cares how the area develops and how changes will impact on us all. We keep our eyes open for everyone.

  • As a member of WRA, you will have access to the WRA committee members who have the experience to advise you on local matters, especially planning, licensing and liaison with the police, and ensure there is effective consultation and communication on your behalf
  • We will keep you informed through our new website or regular newsletters in which you can air your views and join 'the local debate'
  • Each year we hold two major events: the summer AGM with an invited guest speaker and the Winter meeting; these are an opportunity to network with other local residents and businesses
  • We liaise with other residents groups in and around Ealing, and work with them on your behalf in the wider community, particularly in relation to issues that span a larger area than Walpole