Why Join WRA?

Membership of WRA enables you to add your voice to our current conversations and debates, contributing your ideas, articles, comments and suggestions, particularly in relation to new Planning and Licensing Applications, which inevitably will be a major element of this site. If you are not a member, you will only be able to scratch the surface of these conversations. If you want to see the full detail, which will usually include drawings and pictures in relation to the applications we receive, you will need to join us. This is particularly important at the moment given the level of redevelopment we are seeing in Ealing and Walpole.

Our website is specifically designed to provide a forum for active debate within our members' community. Membership, which is very modestly priced, also includes regular newsletters, which are available on the website with virtually all back numbers loaded, updates by email on key current local issues and at least one general meeting per year.

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