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Walpole was one of the first areas in Ealing to have a Controlled Parking Zone, CPZ. We are adjacent to the Town Centre Zone (Zone A) - set up to control parking around the main central shopping area. Our main zone is Zone C (originally C & D) and was set up some 20 years ago to counter the influx of students attending the local secondary and tertiary colleges. Every day they tended to drive to college and park everywhere in the area - all day and this clearly was a major problem for local businesses and residents. The parking zone resolved this, at a stroke , although it caused a considerable amount of local debate before being implemented.

It did not take long before more CPZs were implemented around Ealing, mostly near stations as a deterrent to long-distance commuters, many with just a couple of controlled hours in each day and also allowing people to park for a charge in 'dual use bays'. Each new zone tended to create a short-lived local debate, but it has proved difficult if not impossible to find any other solution that balances the needs of commuters and residents and businesses.

WRA has supported the implementation of CPZs in our local area - we have seen the implementation of three. We know they are an imperfect solution to an imposed problem, but ultimately they are part of the necessary cost of living in Greater London when every family seems to have at least one car, if not two or three and expects to be able to park outside their homes, or at least within sight of their homes .......

CPZs are not the only issue that we keep a watch over. Other areas include:

  • The state of road surfaces - potholes and aggressive speed humps
  • Drains not working, causing flooding and the potential for pedestrians getting soaked
  • Pavements breaking up, creating a serious trip hazard
  • Builders' skips and materials taking up valuable parking bay space

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Current Transport and Roads Issues for Discussion

20mph Zones

There was an article in The Times just a few days ago (8th October 2016) saying that "the urban speed limit is being cut by stealth following a surge in 20mph zones being introduced in towns and cities".


Should builders be allowed to put skips into CPZ Residents' Bays? Surely they have to pay for this like residents do. How do we check that a skip is legitimate? Your views please