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These characterless buildings are part of the current regeneration plan

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This is one of our core areas of work.  All too often we are faced with development proposals that are wholly out of proportion to, or not sympathetic with, the area they are in.  This results in us having to object, which can a time consuming process focusing on planning issues.  We understand how to do this - whether the proposal is for one property or a whole area.

As an example, the picture to the right shows some of the buildings currently proposed for the town centre, replacing the shops and other buildings on the 'Arcadia Site', 9-42 The Broadway.  This site was the subject of a "Call In" and Planning Inspectorate's Hearing a few years ago (ref: the Glenkerrin plan that included a 42 storey block of flats). These new proposals have resulted in another "Call In" - owing to the wall of opposition - and this will result in another Hearing in May 2017. We understand this to be the first time that the same site has been "called in" twice.

Ealing is going through a period of Renewal and Regeneration - but this does not mean tearing the heart out of our town centre and replacing it with faceless boxlike buildings as many developers wish to impose on us.  We are not wanting "to Set Ealing and Walpole in Aspic", as is often claimed by self-interested developers, but we need to avoid flushing the baby out with the bathwater.

Ealing and Walpole have some special buildings (surrounded by some terrible ones). It is important to preserve our heritage appropriately.

Current Applications under Consideration

Thankfully, most are on a smaller scale relating to single properties. They are set out below with their PAM references. PAM is the Council's planning application system which can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Members are invited to add comments on the applications that we have hightlighted below. Comments tend to fall into two categories "planning issues" (eg size, architectural harmony, density, amenity space, overshadowing etc) and "environmental issues" (eg on-street parking, construction impact, creation of additional rental units etc).  The former tend to have more weight when the Planning Department consider the merit of an application; the latter tend to have no weight - except in a Controlled Parking Zone for example - but can be a major concern to existing residents. So please consider how to frame any comments to have the maximum impact. If in doubt feel free to contact us at

Planning Abuse? Removal of railings.......

In this example, the ownership of this property, next to the Listed Ealing Studios White House, changed hands a few years ago and the new owners immediately started work without any planning permission.  WRA and the Conservation Panel alerted the Council who stopped the works before any damage to the house could be done.

16 Churchfield Road (rear of) - again - (174491)

This relates to a garage that opens onto Rathgar Avenue - which the owners aim to replace with a new building. The first application was in June (172339) and attracted a large number of objections, not least from WRA and the Conservation Panel. Basically this is an overdevelopment.