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Walpole Park hosting the summer festival

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WRA is proud to have two major parks at the centre of our area - Walpole and Lammas Parks. Historically we have maintained a very close watch over the activities in and upkeep of the parks. During Winter 2009/10, when the Council needed local support for their application for Lottery Funding for restoration work on Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor, we supported the creation of a local sister association, Walpole Friends, whose focus would be on the parks and support of the Council's funding application. WRA still maintains broad oversight of the parks, especially as a new Charitable Trust has been set up to take the responsibility for managing Pitzhanger Manor, its Gallery and the surrounding Park.

WRA is particularly sensitive to the way that our parks and open spaces are used - and abused. For example, the annual Summer Festival that is organised by Council puts a strain on Walpole Park's grass and surround, and Ealing Green is often being used for open markets and we need to ensure that the grass is given time to recover.

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