Is this the future for Walpole and Ealing?

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We have seen the continual increase in alcohol sales in our area, coupled with some late-night food sales (typically 'fast food'). There have been fewer applications for other licensable activities, for example entertainment or gaming.  WRA has been privileged in being asked to work with the Council to develop the Borough Licensing Strategy, which lays down guidelines for the sale and consumption of alcohol and food throughout the week. Talk of the 24hour or night economy was rife a few years ago, until the reality of drink-fuelled problems became all too real.

In recent years, alcohol has been proven to be the source of a range of anti-social behaviours and worse. WRA supports the local police in keeping the availability of alcohol to a minimum.  We have opposed many applications from local 'corner shops' for example - and the inclusion of alcohol off-sales by restaurants and sports facilities.

Licensing Law requires us to make formal representations to the Council and attend a Licensing Committee meeting  if we have any concerns.  This can be a daunting experience.  But we believe it is vital to Walpole and Ealing to resist the creeping expansion of sales that will be harmful to adults and children. 

We have listed below the current applications of which we are aware.  Unlike Planning, there is no (typically web-based) Council Information System that provides more detail, but we have included as much information as we can.  We welcome your questions or comments on licensing issues at

Current Licensing Applications and Issues under Consideration