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The Walpole Residents Association — WRA — was established over 50 years ago, in 1968, as a response to Council plans to demolish many of the historic homes in Ealing's town centre and surrounding areas to make way for a new proposed highway from The Broadway to West Ealing. Since then, WRA has continued to be the most significant local body representing the views of those whose lives are affected by changes in Ealing. WRA maintains close contact with influential councillors, council officers, the police and other local organisations who work together in Walpole and Ealing. We provide a local rational input, based on years of local knowledge and experience.

WRA aims to protect our heritage, architecture, open spaces and vistas, whilst supporting good sympathetic renewal because Walpole cannot stand still. If you are a member, join in with our debates through the new website.  If you are yet to join, look around our site and we trust you will like what you see and will join us.

  • We have been at the heart of many local influential groups most recently founder members of "Save Ealing's Streets" fighting to fend off the impact of a proposed tramway down Uxbridge Road and then "Save Ealing's Centre" objecting to the over-development of Central Ealing, a project that included plans for a 42 storey block of flats.
  • Additionally we are regularly representing the local community, alongside the Police, at the formal Licensing Committee hearings relating to applications for alcohol, public entertainment or late-night refreshment licences, amongst others.

Fundamentally, WRA is independent of all political organisations; we calmly represent the views and needs of local stakeholders.

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